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I’ll tell you why you’re not getting enough leads.

What you do matters.


So focus on what matters.


So many small business owners are exhausted by marketing, trying to “do it all” and check off all the boxes some marketing guru told them about.




I’ll help you discover where your ideal clients are coming from so you can focus your marketing on the audience and channels that are getting you results.


The result for you?


Less time spent on useless marketing campaigns.


Less stress trying to do it all, all the time.


More sales, as you hone in your marketing to attract your ideal customers.


Ready to stop spinning your wheels?


Shannon is like a Swiss army knife, from your marketing plan, your sales funnel, your community engagement or whatever your sticking point, she will devise a custom strategy that will fill your needs and help you level up."


—  Paul Cairns, Green Energy Business Accelerator

Short on time & need better results?

Send me your website & business goals, and I'll tell you exactly how to get there.

Thanks for sending! I'll send your report within 48 hours.

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