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If you want to make a difference, you're in the right place.

“What do you do?” is a question I’ve never been able to answer.


Most of my colleagues and clients probably couldn’t answer succinctly either.


What they would say is, “Shannon gets shit done.”


I have done a lot of things in my professional career - from bookkeeper to customer service to virtual assistant. To business manager to curriculum developer. To affiliate manager to marketing manager. To event planner and beyond. You name it, and I’ve either done it or dabbled in it.

What does that mean for you?

Most businesses don’t like generalists. It’s hard to know where they fit. No one’s looking for a jack-of-all-trades. They’re looking for a social media manager or a web designer.


One of my gifts is the ability to look at everything you’ve got going on to help you find areas that can be strengthened, improved, or that are straight up missing.


I can help you look at the big picture and figure out what you ACTUALLY need, so you don’t get stuck hiring yet another specialist who produces meh results. I can help bridge the communication across departments so each one isn’t functioning as a silo, but as part of the whole. I can help you motivate and train your teams so they’re happier and more productive. And I can help you find and fix problems no other consultant would’ve even noticed within your business.


I help business owners like you focus on the marketing strategies that MATTER so they can spend less time working on the business and more time doing what they created the business for - playing with their kids, spending time with their spouse, and saving the world.


Ready to stop kicking tires & start getting results?

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