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SEO for People Who Don't Speak Geek

What the %*(&# is SEO?

This is the question SEO expert Bridget Randolph answered during our video interview today.

I don't know about you, but SEO is a buzzword I've heard thrown around a lot, and it's something that I found confusing AF. (Turns out most of what I heard about how to work SEO was also BS, so that's fun).

Bridget broke down SEO into something any entrepreneur or small business owner can understand and implement.

My favorite takeaway?

"Google is looking for what your customers are looking for."

☝️☝️ So not only is it advantageous for your search ranking to learn SEO; it will also help your business. Go figure.

Check out the interview on YouTube here (or click the expletives below!).

We cover:

  • What SEO actually is

  • How search engines work and what they're looking for

  • The biggest mistake small businesses (and even big businesses) make when setting up their social media

  • Who SEO is for (and not for)

  • Simple SEO tips anyone can easily learn and implement

What are you waiting for? Watch the video!


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